Episode 9: Market correction
In this edition Clark, Craig, and Jay review the recent market correction, discuss what’s driving performance and put forward some ideas to help navigate the current market environment.

Episode 8: Sept volatility, Canadian economic performance, strikes and other impacts of higher inflation
In this edition we discuss the recent volatility in the markets and what is behind it. We also debate Canada’s economic performance over recent history, why its underperformed its potential and how it could improve. Lastly we review the recent labour strikes and how that may impact markets going forward.


Episode 7: US debt downgrade, Canadian mortgages, a closer look at Apple
In our latest podcast we review the recent downgrade of the US debt rating by Fitch, discuss the current status of Canadian household balance sheets and the risk to the mortgage market, and also look at Apple’s recent earnings and how we view the company as portfolio managers.


Episode 6: Mid-year update, GICs or Equites?, a Russian Coup
In our latest podcast we review market performance at the mid-point of 2023, discuss strategy behind GICs relative to equities and quickly touch on recent events in Russia.



Episode 5: Debt Ceiling, Geopolitics and 2024 U.S. Presidential Race - A Timely Conversation with Washington Policy Analyst Ed Mills
In our latest podcast we are joined by Raymond James' Washington Policy Analyst Ed Mills, a highly respected expert with a deep working knowledge of U.S. and global politics. During our conversation we discuss recent volatility around the U.S. debt ceiling negotiations, central bank interest rate policy, geopolitics surrounding current issues in Russia, Ukraine, China and Taiwan, and touch on the early stages of the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election.



Episode 4: Automation, Earnings and the Election Cycle
In our latest podcast we discuss the recent developments around Automation and the rise of Chat GPT. We discus the potential impact on the markets as well as employment. We also touch on first quarter earnings and the start of the next US election cycle.



Episode 3: Current banking issues and lessons from Warren Buffett
In our latest podcast we discuss the current issues facing the US banking system. We discuss the impact on the rest of the market and where we see this going for the rest of the year. We also reflect on some timely advice from Warren Buffett's recent shareholder letter.



Episode 2: Real Estate, Wealth Taxes and Inflation Update
In our latest podcast we discuss the recent bankruptcy of a large Vancouver based developer. We provide our thoughts on the real estate market in the face of higher interest rates and how a slowing economy may impact valuations. We also touch on proposed wealth taxes and the current state of inflation.



Episode 1: Year in Review
In our first podcast, Craig, Clark and Jay review the market performance of 2022. We discuss the unprecedented negative performance of the bond market, the fall of the technology sector and what investors can learn from a disappointing year. We also make some predictions about what to expect in the year ahead.