Work with a Qualified Cross-Border Financial Advisor

Working with a cross-border financial advisor allows you to take advantage of our experience and expertise and means you don’t have to liquidate your U.S. retirement accounts like IRAs and 401(k)s. When you relocate to Canada, your retirement accounts typically become restricted and must be liquidated in 30-60 days of a change in residency. This certainly is not ideal when we think about the tax consequences of liquidating and collapsing a tax-deferred account like an IRA, let alone the financial stress this may cause on you and your family. Luckily, a cross-border financial advisor who is licensed in Canada and the U.S. can eliminate this problem and allow you to continue to work towards your goals, uninterrupted.

Cross-Border Financial Advisor Benefits

Working with a cross-border financial advisor offers many benefits and will help you understand your options and simplify your financial life. We help you make the most of your retirement assets and address all facets of your situation.

Our cross-border financial advisors are licensed on both sides of the border and understand the complexities that arise from holding both U.S. and Canadian retirement accounts (IRA, Roth IRA401(k), RRSP, TFSA, etc.). In addition to our cross-border financial advisors, we also have a dedicated team of experts in taxation and financial planning who are knowledgeable and qualified. They hold the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor designation (CRPC®) from the College for Financial Planning in the U.S. This allows our team to develop tailored solutions for the complex needs of cross-border clients and ensure the important aspects of your wealth management are met, so you continue to enjoy the lifestyle you want and deserve.

Cross-Border Financial Advisor Services

Our cross-border financial advisor services consist of detailed financial planning, investment management and tax planning, management of Canadian (RRSP, TFSA, RESP) and U.S. retirement accounts (IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k)), analysis of retirement benefits including pension plan and government assisted plans (CPP, OAS, U.S. Social Security), estate planning and risk management strategies.

With the ability to transfer in, hold, manage, and invest both U.S. and Canadian retirement accounts, we have the capability to set up multi-currency investment and design investment strategies in both CAD and USD depending on your situation. Plena Wealth Advisors can help with all aspects of your financial management:

Looking for a Cross-Border Financial Advisor?

Benefit from our expertise if you have retirement accounts and assets in the U.S. Set up an appointment with our team of cross-border financial advisors and let us help get you on your way to pursue all you have envisioned for retirement.

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