Cross-Border Investing

Portfolio strategies tailored for you

We help pursue your goals by constructing, managing and monitoring a broadly diversified portfolio that is fully customized to suit your needs. Our team understands the challenges of cross-border investing with multiple retirement accounts to ensure your portfolio is managed according to your unique situation. Our priority is to help you make informed financial decisions about the components of your portfolio.

Using a wealth of resources, we gain insight into the risk and return characteristics of your investment options. The portfolio strategies we pursue are modeled by our experienced portfolio management team and allow for a selection of asset classes that closely match your individual preferences and appetite for risk. We do not put forth just any cross-border investing strategy, but a strategy that is designed to best fit your life. When your needs and situation evolve, we adjust accordingly to ensure we are always coordinated with you and measuring up to your expectations. While being mindful of your attitude toward risk, meeting your requirements for growth, income or capital preservation is our objective. You can expect a portfolio that is individually customized to reflect the future as you envision it.

Unlock the Benefits of Cross-Border Investing for Optimal Tax Management

Whether it be reviewing your existing portfolio or building a customized portfolio to suit your needs, our team of expert cross-border financial advisors recognize the unique nature of dual taxpayers. Keeping in mind the tax reporting requirements for U.S. citizens, ensuring your portfolio is managed accordingly ensures that you remain compliant when filing multiple tax returns and do not owe additional taxes inadvertently.

The Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFIC’s) rules are one of the areas where building portfolios tailored to your unique situation can help you avoid unnecessary and complicated tax reporting requirements. The PFIC rules are designed to prevent U.S. taxpayers from deferring tax on passive income earned through non-U.S. companies. This would be from holding passive foreign investments like Canadian mutual funds, Canadian exchange traded funds (ETFs) or Canadian income trusts such as real estate investment trusts (REITs). The rule exists as the IRS did not want taxpayers to pay less tax by converting income in these passive investments into capital gains that are taxed at a lower rate in the U.S.

The benefits of a customized portfolio that suits your needs go beyond individual security selection. Our team of cross-border financial advisors can help manage the ongoing tax implications of dual taxpayers and the unique nature of having assets located on both sides of the border. With respect to capital gains taxes, we work with you to ensure you are making the right decisions and minimizing taxes where you can. The IRS imposes short- and long-term capital gains, which are taxed at different rates. Short-term gains, being any position that has been held for less than 12 months, are taxed at ordinary income tax rates. While long-term gains are for positions that have been held for longer than 12 months. Gains here are taxed at the long-term capital gain rate of 20 per cent. 

Monitoring acquisition dates of stock as well as potential sale dates can have a major impact on your tax bill. That’s why we work with you and provide guidance, advice and reporting through Form 1099-B to simplify the process. Form 1099-B easily breaks down your short- and long-term capital gains, so your cross-border tax accountant can easily file with you. We do recommend seeking professional tax advice as it relates to your unique dual tax implications.

Simplify Your Financial Life with Cross-Border Investing

Staying on top of trends and events that influence the investment environment and your portfolio’s performance is crucial for us. We rely on deep resources, analysis and the insight of our team to keep your financial objectives in sight and help drive smart decision-making with a focus on the unique nature of dual taxpayers. Our process begins with detailed cross-border financial planning to help get you on your way to simplifying your financial life.

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